Martina Zerger op de Hught

Martina Zerger op de Hught


31 oktober en 1 november 2014


Martina Zerger zal voor de 2e keer in 2014 op de Hught een conferentie geven.


Vrijdag 31 oktober 2014 19.30 uur 

Zaterdag 1 november 2014 14.00 uur 

Zaterdag 1 november 2014 19.30 uur 

Regarding the topic Redemption:
It is about God’s big picture. It is about His one, big and eternal story of scripture. It is about God’s Love Plan with people, unfolding through the whole scripture. It is about the GOSPEL OF REDEMPTION. This truth will impact every area of your life.

People who had attended the New Years Conference said as feedback:
“I was hit by this truth and couldn’t stop weeping.”
“In listening to this message I could discover God in a total different way than ever before.”
“It just flashed me.”
“I was overwhelmed by what I heard.”
“All of a sudden I started to see God – and my life – in a total different light.” 


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